Posted June 3, 2024 at 12:22 am

Edit July 16: I've become buried under an avalanche of work deadlines, I was hoping to give my buffer a chance to grow a bit more before jumping back into updates, but regardless of where it's at, I will resume updates by no later than early August! Sorry for losing track of the time and not updating people there.


That's it for chapter 14!! I'm taking a longer than usual break before chapter 15 picks up-- I'm gonna be buckling down to fulfil the Kickstarter, as well as finish up some assorted freelance work.

As a general status update on the comic: the website is catching up to my buffer in earnest, as chapter 15 is not yet complete-- although, considering it's hit the 64 page mark, I may end up cutting it down and moving some of those pages to chapter 16, depending on what best suits the story flow. All of that buffer is available to patrons, though currently only the sketched form is uploaded to Patreon itself (under the spoilerzone tag)-- the rest is being posted as I finish it on the patron Discord. I meant to consolidate it all into another PDF to share on Patreon proper once I reached a suitable milestone, but as a good chunk of this past year has been spent in refining-scripts-and-concepts mode and not in drawing-mode, that point has been taking awhile to come. I'm sorry for the slowdown in posting rate during that time! Unfortunately spending so much time trying to figure out the writing side of things doesn't result in much drawing getting done, but hopefully that will change soon.

Thanks so much everyone!

Additional final note: I have been informed that inappropriate R-rated ads have started appearing in my comments section. Curse you, Disqus!! They've been on thin ice since they started forcing everyone to put ads on their sites, and I'm going to be looking to switching to another comments system in the future. In the meantime, take care opening the comments section.