The Story

Over twenty years after the world was invaded and then rescued from a terrifying alien force, humanity has begun to master the strange magic their enemy left behind. After spearheading the wartime research efforts, an organization called Wychwood has become the leading authority on magic and is aggressively hunting for new things to study.

This is kind of a bad thing for Tiara, a delinquent who has been using a mysterious power to goof around for years without realizing the kind of attention it could attract.

The comic updates on Mondays and Thursdays. Wychwood is rated for older teens, primarily for violence and dark storylines and themes. (Also, like, there's cigarettes on page 3, lol)

About the Author

I (Ally, also known as Varethane) am a Toronto-based artist who got hooked on webcomics a long time ago. My first story, Chirault, was completed last year and can be read here. You can support me and my work on Patreon, or by keeping an eye on my store! I'm also a regular on the webcomics podcast, Screen Tones!

I spend way too much time on twitter, and can also be reached via email at varethane(@)gmail.com.