Posted August 28, 2022 at 12:00 am

Screaming because today is the last page of chapter 10 and I forgot to announce it because I was busy with Fan Expo!!!

(Thank you to everyone who came by my table, it was awesome meeting readers and I loved every minute of it!!! Now that the Big Con is out of the way I'm going to finally get started figuring out this Online Store thing...... so look forward to that, soon.....)

For anyone in Toronto, I will be at Canzine on October 1, at the Toronto Reference Library-- same venue as TCAF, which should be interesting!

The comic will have a lil break, and chapter 11 will begin on September 19. Unless you are a patron at the Sneak Peeks tier or above, in which case you've already seen the first 12 pages or so.

See you then!!